4 Steps to choosing the right Car detailing company Every time

Today a client shared a horror story with me, she wanted to explain why she was getting her car detailed. She told me her 2018 ford focus was stolen,who ever stole her car completely trashed it and broke a couple of the windows.

She took her car to a shop to have it fixed and cleaned. Her insurance paid for it but to her surprise she got her car back worse. Her car had 900 extra miles added to it and more windows were now broken instead of repaired.

She googled car detailing companies and saw our reviews and from there she was sold.

So,how do you pick the right car detailing company every time?

  1. Google car detailing companies near you
  2. Read the reviews, see what customers are saying
  3. See if the company has a clean usable website
  4. Does the company have a Great guarantee

With our mobile car detailing company we take great pride in our google reviews. We have over 100 reviews with a 4.8 average. We made sure our website is super clean and user friendly with a 24/7 scheduling feature. Our guarantee to compared to other car detailing companies is crazy but we offer a 200% back money guarantee if you are not happy.

If you find a company that check all 4 boxes you are good to go!

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