Is Poop on 90% of moms car steering wheels?

86 million people do not wash their hands daily according to .

Many of these folks also use gas pumps, grocery store doors and shake your hands. If you own a car 90% of us just get in that car and drive it, not thinking you might have poopy hands.

Think about your car steering wheel and how many times you grabbed a gas pump, then immediately drove away with possible “poopy hands”.

Alright “Poopy hands” is serious. If your steering wheel has build up, that is a queue that you need to get that car detailed.

If you have no idea what car detailing is, visit the below blog.

4 steps to picking the right car detailing company.

If you could careless and just need your steering wheel to look normal, visit the blog below.

How to schedule a car detail near you

So protect yourself and your family, get that dirty car cleaned. Because chances are you have touched a gas pump this year. Oh and definitely some hand sanitizer, you’ll need that too.

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