How to make a extra $2,000 a month using a car detailing company

When people use Carvana and Vroom online car sales company to sell Cars when they need to but not as an investment.

These companies are offering sometimes 30% above market for vehicles.
The reason? They make money off financing these vehicles, which means they can make over 100% over market value through interest payments.

Lacy needed to sell her 2012 jeep truck, her friend is in the military and sold it to her for a steal 13k and in rough condition, she already had a vehicle and decided to later sell the jeep.

At first her jeep was ok condition and was worth 16k, what if I had the vehicle completely cleaned.
What would it be worth lacy thought? She later decided why not have her jeep detailed and see if there would be a difference.

She paid $450 dollars to have her jeep detailed and resubmitted her jeep to the car purchasing sites.

They came back with 22k a 6k jump and it blew her mind? The $450 that she thought was expensive removed strains on the insides and scratches on the outside. The jeep has never looked this clean.

After getting the check she decided that extra 6k will be her start up capital.

Lacy searched local car lots and online far and wide and found they are everywhere!
She would buy filthy cars that were not well cared for but drove perfectly.
She then got the car detailed and done. She gave fair prices to the people who sold their car for the condition it is in, then sell it in excellent condition to carvana or vroom for a 3-6k profit.
So find you a good detailer and if you ever wanna try this out there is some more details, but if you sold a car before then you should already know how.
Any way if you are in the 757 Virginia area, you can visit to schedule a car detail for that dirty car.
If you are a car detailing company or car detailer, we have an app for car detailers by car detailers that will help you increase revenue. We have a little over 3,000 car detailers already signed up.
To join our waiting list visit so you can know when the app hits the public.

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