Will this 2023 app change the game for car Detailers?

The Eye Detail Cars app is the first tech car detailing app that will be available in all 50 United States. This app helps busy people save time keeping their cars clean and safe without ever leaving their homes or offices, which will also create millions of jobs and billions in revenue for car detailing companies with an Uber touch to it.

  1. The eye detail cars app provides all these services for busy car detailers and car detailing companies.
  2. Marketing- to help car detailing companies grow their businesses
  3. Payment – this app will automatically pay once a job is finished.
  4. Safety – this app will keep all information safe by confirming identity’s and background checks from companies that use our app, for detailers and customers safety.
  5. Increase company revenue – car detailing companies may use this app to get jobs ranging from $80 – $7000.
  6. Commission free program – the app also has a commission free program for car detailing companies that do not want to pay commissions at all
  7. 24/7 scheduling – this app will allow car detailing companies to have 24/7 online Scheduling

The app will be as simple as sign up and start getting jobs just like Uber.

Below is the story of why the Ceo Rajiv Chambers started this app in his own words.

For the last 6 years after detailing thousands of cars throughout the 757 Virginia area. I’m not sure if I heard all of the problems but I can confidently say I have heard 90% of them.

I don’t remember the days or the times but I will never forget these problems because I heard them constantly and some drama usually followed. I have an office manager and she is the sweetest southern blonde you’ll ever meet, Ashley my office manager on a daily basis discuss with me problems and issues that needed to fixed to make VA Mobile Detail more successful.

She scheduled details, handled payments and keeping our good customers happy while keeping bad customers away, it’s a job not for the faint of hearts, the big problem? We are too expensive. Yup between 300% – 600% of callers decided to not become a part of my 4000 customers because of the price. We get around an average of 5 – 10 calls daily.

The second problem, the growth of VA Mobile Detail came by surprise. I hired employees and the jobs poured in but when I had to regrettably fire employees the jobs still poured in. This meant I had to turn down many clients who needed same day services and I felt I was failing good people. I was sometimes booked out 1 month it was madness. I know this is a good problem but I was and still am very exhausted from constantly working in extreme cold and heat. Anyway 200% – 400% decided to not become a part of my 4000 customers because I did not have enough man power to handle the demand.

The last problem was very weird to me a lot of people wanted to come to us. I was strictly mobile so of course I could not service them another let down. 100% – 300% of callers decided to not become a part of my 4000 customers because I did not have a car detailing shop.

When building an app came up these were the main problems my app developers wanted to fix.

Let’s make it into an Uber styled app I said, while on the phone with the head developer.

Let’s allow other car detailing companies access to the app to help customers find cheaper prices from companies currently in their area.

Once I said that he got it.

I see what you’re doing, you are taking companies with all prices low to high end and putting them on a platform so customers will have different prices. Also this allows you to handle demand and offer car cleaning at a shop because some of those car cleaning companies own free standing shops. Wow!

This is really good the head app developer said but in order to change the world one car at a time you will have to be great.

This was the big question, sure I fixed some of the problems but my app developer really wanted to know this one.

Fortunately I had the answer to that too, I put my iPhone on speaker stood up and started to pace my office; then I started, one of my biggest secrets to growing my company is what I call radical kindness. Many people think it is crazy but I think to stand out in life or business it is very necessary especially in this lifetime.

Ok he said.

First I have a crazy guarantee.  If my clients are not happy with my work I don’t give a 100% refund I give a 200% refund, this makes it clear I am truly serious about their safety and the cleanliness of their cars.

Second I have learned a way to be radically kind at a whole different level. Marketing for apps are extremely expensive and I Jeev will not be paying $100s of thousands to bring this app to the market but this next level of kindness will.

When I sat down in my office recliner, I took him off speaker and explained this to my app developer, there was a very long silence.

I told him every person who purchases a car clean on the app will get a free exterior detail for a friend or family. As a local company the demand would be impossible to handle as no one has ever turned down a free exterior detail ever. As an app with many car detailing companies available this will allow the app to spread virally.

How do I know? Because all the folks who didn’t become our customer’s amounted to over 14,000 people! If my company was an app I would currently have over 18,000 paying clients in the 757 Virginia area alone!  Imagine all 50 states…

He took a breath then continued.

When my body aches after a long day and I speak to my app developer. I think to myself for the last 6 years I have acquired over 4,000 clients spending an average of $120-$350. The problems this app now fixes would have allowed me to help all those clients that I had to deny services.

I wonder my app developer said, what if you started out with the Eye Detail Cars app and not VA Mobile Detail locally? What would that look like?   Thinking for a bit, well the price would have not been an issue as the app has many different car detailers and lower prices.

Same day services would be a breeze because of the large variety of car detailing companies, clients who want to drop their car off at their chosen car detailing shop would also have that as an option. Things started clicking the more I answered that question.

If I had the app I would’ve been able to fix every person’s problem who landed on my app. I did the numbers, the amount of clients I could have served to date if I had the app in only the 757 Virginia area came to roughly 18,000 clients.

I can imagine how many people I could’ve helped in all 50 states and the small towns in between. If I did have this app being very conservative at 18,000 clients and I added up all 50 states for 6 years, I would have a total of 900,000 people that I have effectively helped.

If you are a car detailing company or car detailer who believe this app can help your business grow, you may sign up below to get an email when the Beta Version of the Eye Detail Cars app has been released. thank you for reading i truly hope this app will change your life and put your car detailing business on a whole new level.

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