Why is car detailing so damn expensive in Virginia!

This question haunts me everyday lol not really. why is car detailing so expensive? I don’t remember the exact day but i know it was July 2022 when i learnt this answer.

I had to detail a clients truck that is now a good friend of mine, He is currently a fire fighter and he owns a huge white 2021 F-350 truck. He scheduled a full detail because he was upgrading to an F-350 dully because he needed enough power to pull his camper.

On the day of the detail i went to his location in Norfolk Virginia at his fire station.

He was out on a call so i started detailing his truck, during the middle he came back we spoke for a few and he headed in the fire station with his crew to complete his reports.

At the completion of the detail this is when i truly understood why car detailing was so expensive but also worth it from the clients stand point. I never could tell a client it is worth it that would be my opinion but from his angle sounded like a fact.

he said jeev dude you are really good at your job, i love to fight fires and you love to detail cars and it shows, Man what you do in 3 hours takes me all day atleast 10 hours;not to mention the products and things needed to do a vehicle properly. My pressure washer and buffer alone is $450. my different wax’s and products come to another $150 and that’s because they aren’t the absolute best.

So i’m spending $600 and a whole day cleaning this big sucka and i gurantee ill miss a bunch of areas but man you do this in 3 hours for $275! Man sooooo worth it!

I personally never look at it that way but that is definitely the reason car detailing is so expensive; on the other hand the reason car detailing is very important that’s a whole different story you can read it Here

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