$700 or Your Life


My name is Rajiv Chambers but most of my clients call me Jeev, I was born in awful gully Jamaica, a beautiful country part of Jamaica that has clear river waters with tropical fruits trees that travels far to the tall mountains and the crystal blue beaches.
Growing up I was poor, like really poor. I lived in a termite invested shack with 8 other family members. 


In Jamaica because I was 4 at the time and living on a tropical island, time was abundant and life was magical, everyone was kind, well not everyone but most.

I loved climbed trees and relaxing with my friends at the river. In the early 90s things changed, crime took Jamaica by storm and my father sent for me to come to an unbelievable place called America.

When I arrived My mind was blown, it was a whole other world besides Jamaica; as a kid I thought I would never leave Jamaica but here I am.

Fast forward 15 years. 

I joined the Us Navy on October 11th 2004 in Brooklyn, New York I was 19.

Ever since joining time has been a huge issue.

My job title was a boatswains mate this means I drive the boat, maintain the boat, rescue people who fall off the boat, oh and we moor this gigantic air craft carrier to the pair.

Which means tying that huge ship to the pier for my non military folks, it is never ending work.

I was deployed to sea 5 years and at shore only 3 years as per my enlistment contract.

I Returned to Norfolk Virginia, from a 9 month cruise that was originally 6 months and  A couple of my shipmates needed a ride home.

I really wanted to head home but they asked nicely so I decided I would dropped them all off in my 2000 two door white mercury cougar, oops one of my shipmates said when I hit a pothole on Virginia Beach blvd but I thought nothing of it.

Around 2 weeks later, I entered my car and a nasty musty smell hit my nose; it smelled like mildew but I paid it no attention, anyway I can’t be late for work, I would be written up.

Four weeks went by and the smell got much stronger, engulfing my car in the hot 90 degree summer. 

l searched my car and found the problem.

A gallon of water with some type of green fruit milky protein mix spilled all in the back floor area, it look like it slowly brewed under my drivers seat into some green mossy stuff, Sh%#!

I yelled, i have duty!

After attempting to clean it with a rag real fast it was apparent I needed my car deep cleaned.

I wasn’t sure who do that type of thing so I googled “car cleaning companies” and a few places came up.

They all sounded the same; they would say it cost $500-$1200 and you will have to leave your car with us for 8 to 12 hours.

I said no damn way! Its way too expensive.

I started driving with my windows down because hey, it’ll air out and eventually dry.

That did not happen!

My chest randomly started to hurt after about a month and my breathing got very stuffy, first my nasal area only but the panic of death came once I started to struggle to take deep breaths. I had headaches too, lots of them and I couldn’t explain why.

After visiting medical aka a military clinic, they offered me a ibuprofen for the pain “roll my eyes” then she asked, any stinky stuff around you? After thinking for a minute, I told her my car, there was a spill and its still partially wet.

She looked at me with a concerned look and said, have you checked the area for mold? I quickly got what she was saying and ran to my car.

I checked under my seat, it looked like a science project thick specs of green and black fuzzies looked right back at me, my heart skipped 20 beats!

After telling my doctor about my discovery, she made it clear that this can cause respiratory issues and if continued exposure….. Death!

I immediately swallowed my pride took a vacation day and paid $700 to have my vehicle cleaned and vowed to never, ever, ever put a price on my life again.

After that scary experience and a full recovery thank god. I pictured all of my friends who refused or did not know about this type of service and how horrible their cars smelled due to just being busy.

Your nose is the filter to your lungs, once that filter has let too many germs in you know the rest.

I thought, how would it affect their kids and families?

They are all slowly being exposed on a daily basis to more and more bacteria and germs that can cause respiratory issues and worse.

Do they know that kids and adults over 60s immune systems are much weaker?

Although, I knew a good deep clean would have my car looking and smelling amazing not to mention safe.

The huge problem was $500-$1200 only for the inside alone is far from ideal, also the waiting time of 8 to 12 hours didn’t fix my time problem either.

Even if my fellow shipmates wanted to they had the same problem no time!

It would be a dream if this service was more affordable, faster and even better, comes to their door step or where ever they are located.

It was years later i came up with Va Mobile Detail and now its time to take the next step.

Bring the first car detailing app to life so i can truly Save busy folks time by keeping their cars clean and germ free but no longer local but world wide.


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