1 Reason a yearly car detail can save your life

When I started my mobile car detailing company, i saw many different levels of dirty cars.

What is the dirty level that’s is most dangerous especially for kids and pets?

When the car’s interior had a spill that is wet and unknowingly to the owner, mold is slowly growing.

Usually most folks think this is no big deal, a spect of black mold just clean it away and they believe they are safe.

For the last 3 years i detailed a retired coast guard veteran in Virginia Beach Virginia. She was the most thoughtful and all around quality person you would want in your life.

For 2 of the 3 years she told me of the many disabilities she acquired from military service.

She explained the needle piercing pain she got in her lower body and partial paralysis that later came.

The doctors she went to just could not find the problem that affected her.

Summer of 2022 she found that she had a massive mold problem in her kitchen, later on when the contractor came to repair it they found the mold spread.

It’s was no longer in her kitchen alone but behind the walls throughout her home, her husband also have been sick for years but there was no explanation for his symptoms either.

According to the contractor she had a pipe leak and it might have been years they have been exposed to black mold!

When she told me this my heart broke knowing that most people do not take mold seriously, the truth mold is deadly it can and will kill you if you are exposed for too long.

Although she is currently having her home completely renovated and de molded, detecting and killing mold from moisture like rain falls and spills will keep your car clean and mold free.
Unfortunately when exposed to mold the damage is done. You want to pay very close attention to when you have spills in your car it could save your life.

If you had a spill or any problems in your car, do not hesitate to contact us to get your car cleaned today.

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