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Dangerous Car Mold Found in Norfolk and Surrounding cities



Close to 300 vehicles have been Detailed by our company that had dangerous cases of mold, Many

families on a day to day drive around in these dangerous conditions and do not know.

Where is this mold coming from? its coming from eating and drinking inside your car. the

constant rain falls and high humidity in the Hampton roads area also is a huge factor,

when you have spills no one ever cleans it up because in most cases we are way too

busy Heading from location A to B.

When it rains and you forget to roll the windows up or your car has high condensation due to high

humidity outside or inside your garage, cleaning up is usually the last thing on your mind. Here is

the thing you are spilling that coffee, hot coco, juice or water on carpet. In the summer and spring

when it is hotter no problem that will dry right up because it is hot and the liquid will evaporate so no

mold, in winter and fall on the other hand it just sits there and eventually

grow into a dangerous organic mess that can get you and your family incredibly sick!


A few ways to know if you might have mold!



  • Musty smells

  • Frequent Headaches

  • Wet spots

  • Minor or big spill Stains

  • Mold growth

If you or your family are having any crazy reactions when inside your car, or even difficulty breathing this could be a sign that mold is in the environment and it’s affecting your health. Mold can cause breathing problems and other respiratory issues. When you are exposed to mold in your environment it can be very dangerous to your health, especially if you have certain allergies, asthma, or any lung-related issues.

If you see any of these signs you do the following as soon as possible! This Urgent!



  • Close your car and isolate it

  • Purchase a painters suit and mask just in case its a worst case

  • Remove and bag all items in the car twice

  • Call (757)-776-1034 to have a Car Mold inspection

  • We will send out our car detailing professional to do a full mold inspection


Learn how to detail that mold out of your car



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