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Time has always been a problem for me since I joined the military on October 2004 in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since time has been a huge issue. I was a boatswains mate. This is a job description in the navy. This job title meant, I was out to sea 5 years and at shore only 3 years as per my enlistment contract. One day after returning to Norfolk Virginia from a 9 month cruise that was originally 6 months. On my return to civilization a couple of my shipmates needed a ride home, so I happily dropped them all off in my 2 door white mercury cougar. Around 2 weeks went by, one day i got into my car and nasty wet smell hit my nose, it smelled like mildew but I paid no attention. Four weeks went by and the smell got stronger, engulfing my car in the hot summer. l searched my car and found the problem. A gallon of water with some type of green fruit protein mix spilled all in the back floor area, it look like it slowly brewed under my drivers seat, Sh%#! I yelled i have duty! After attempting to clean it myself it was apparent I needed my car deep cleaned. I wasn’t sure who does that type of thing so I googled “car cleaning companies” and a few places came up. They all sounded the same. They would say confidently, $500-$1200 and you will have to leave your car with us for 8 to 12 hours. I said no way am I doing that! It is way too expensive. I started to drive with my windows down because hey, it’ll air out and eventually dry. That did not happen! My chest randomly started to hurt after about a month and my breathing seem very stuffy at first my nasal area but the panic of death came once i started to struggle to take deep breaths. I also had headaches, lots of them really. I couldn’t explain why. After visiting my medical aka a military clinic, they offered me a ibuprofen for the pain then she asked, anything stinky stuff around you? I said yes, my car there was a spill and its still partially wet. She looked at me concerned and said, have you checked the area for mold? I quickly ran to my car and checked under my seat it looked like a science project specs of green and black fuzzies looked right back at me, my heart skipped 20 beats! My doctor made it clear that this can cause respiratory issues and if continued exposure….. Death! I immediately swallowed my pride and paid $700 to have my vehicle cleaned and vowed to never, ever, ever! put a price on my health again. After that experience I pictured all of my friends who refused or did not know about this type of service and how horrible their cars smelled. Your nose is the filter to your lungs once that filter has let too many germs in your know the rest. I thought how would it affect their kids and families? They are all slowly being exposed on a daily basis to more and more bacteria and germs that can cause respiratory issues and worse. Do they know that kids and adults over 60s immune systems are much weaker? Although, I knew a good detail would have my car looking and smelling amazing not to mention safe. The huge problem was $500-$1200 only for the inside is far from ideal. Also the waiting time of 8 to 12 hours for a detail didn’t fix my time problem. My fellow shipmates even if they wanted to, had the same problem no time! it would be a dream if this service was more affordable, faster and even better come to their door steps. This problem bothered me so much that when I found “VA MOBILE DETAIL” in 2016, I knew that it would change the world but just one car at a time. Eventually people will see that a clean car can save your life. I would know it saved mine.
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